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Frequently asked questions

A game inspired by a real events

September 1942. The world is in war. Arresting, house searches, informators and ubiquitous fear are presented on a daily basis.

Jan Medek, a local factory worker, leaves the job with a components, hidden in his leather bag, to construct a radio later at home. He knows that any attempt to make a radio connection with London (where a Provisional Government of the Czech republic was situated) is punishable by death. Still, he comes home and construct a radio. Broadcasting is successful. However London was not the only one, who hears the message. The occupants also caught the signal. The gestapo arrives shortly to his house, puts Jan in a car and drive away. Several days later is Jan and his friend Cába, who helped him to collect the radio components, shot dead.

In a moment you will find yourself in Jan Medek's apartment. Connection to London was lost. Can you restore it before the gestapo arrives? The message sent can also affect your lives.

Time is running… Find out more about the events that really happened in September 1942 in Český Krumlov.

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Online booking is possible only 3 days in advance, call or write an email in a shorter period.

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Český Krumlov
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Frequently asked questions

How to book a game or change the booking?

Booking can be made online, at the latest 3 days in advance before a game. In a case of any late booking or some change write us an email or call us.

How to pay for the game?

By cash or gift voucher. There is an ATM in the building.

Are there any special skills and knowledge required to play the game?

No, it takes only common sense, mindfulness and witty to play and to complete the game. You do not need to know Czech language.

Is the game designed for children?

Children older than 8 years will surely enjoy the game. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by adults.

How difficult is your game?

The game is not really easy, but we are ready to give you a help on your request, which will guide you on how to proceed.

Is toilet and Wifi available?

Yes, there is both – a toilet and a free Wifi connection.

Is it possible to park at your place?

You can park right next to the Vošáhlíkův mlýn (limited capacity).


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